Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baking Cookies

Not all Moms and Grandmas bake, I decided to try; how hard can it be?

I had a package of cookie dough in the bottom of my fridge for awhile; you know the kind you break off the little squares and bake in the oven. I kept them there to bake some quick cookies when the children complained that there was nothing to eat. The children grew up and moved out; they had kids and the cookie package was still there. I found them while cleaning the fridge and am pretty sure it had been there for some ten to fifteen years; so I thought, “Maybe I should do the mommy/housewife thing and bake cookies.”

Take my advice, if you find yourself in the same boat - put the package in the garbage - but I came from the “waste not, want not” generation. I sprayed Pam on the cookie sheet, placed the little squares all around and put them in the oven for 10 minutes. Nothing was happening, so I checked to see if my oven was on - it was; another four minutes and I was beginning to smell the Pam baking, but there was no cookie smell. OK, I took them out of the oven and smashed each square down with the back of a teaspoon then put them back in the oven for another 4 minutes. They have got to be done after 18 minutes, so I decided to take them out of the oven to cool.

You know how good a warm chocolate chip cookie tastes when it comes out of the oven - these did not. There was no smell or flavor, just a little flavorless crunch. I let them sit and cool (maybe they will get better). They became flavorless rocks; but at least now there was no weird aftertaste. Hubby told me to give them to the pig, but I thought it might make him sick (chocolate is not good for animals). I told Hubby that he needed to try one and let me know what he thought. He declined, but I am going to let them sit on the counter for the evening to see if he is tempted; after all, I ate two and did not die.

There are two more cookie-dough rolls in the fridge but I am pretty sure they have been in there longer than the package that was baked, and am thinking they will find their way to the garbage can. I really wanted to make a roll of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, but that can exploded last month and I had to discard them as well. I guess I will just snack on some Cheerios (right after I check the expiration date on the box).


  1. Hilarious post! I'm still laughing.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Loving your blog. Hope you will have a moment to stop by and follow and visit on my blog. Looking forward to following you. Donna