Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sales Goal

I have reached my goal for January and still have part of a day left. I sold 80 books in December on Amazon and hoped to sell 100 in January - I did - plus the one to Spain (which is really weird). I am going to set my goal in February to 100 because it is a short month, but you never know. Some people are selling 100 a day or even a 1,000 a day; but those are novels that have to do with vampires or romance.

Actually, I found out that 100 a month is pretty good for most ebooks and for humor it is excellent, since everyone's taste is different and what I think is funny is probably not to most others.

I entered some of my books in the Global ebook awards thing - cost me $79, but you also get some instructions on how to promote your books. So far I have been lazy and have not been doing that. I am hoping I can get a couple of good reviews from the judges even if I don't win the "coveted gold sticker" for the cover of the book. I still haven't figured out how the sticker would be applied to the cover if it is an ebook... ha ha.

I wish a few of the people who bought my books would go back and write a review on the book page because that helps sales, but so far nothing yet. This is why I spent the $79 so that maybe a judge will write one (hopefully positive and not too critical).

Anyway, that is my news for the day.
Tah tah

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