Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What songs would you want played at your funeral

Of course I have not only planned this, I have made a DVD with pictures of my life, appropriate music, and pan & zoomed the thing for the best effect. I uploaded the video to my Facebook page and the ones that have already watched it are excused from my funeral. I titled it family memories so they really wouldn't know what they were watching until the end where a picture of me appears and the appropriate birth and death dates are posted. Actually the death date isn't there, just 02/17/1943 - ??/??/????; of course I thought this was a hilarious surprise ending, my friends who watched did not; they deleted me as a friend. I would think they would want at least one weird friend to make them feel a bit more on the sane side; but alas, that is not the case.

I suppose there should be a nice song before the funeral and another one at the end, but I am having a hard time deciding, since I used up most of the good songs on my seventeen minute video. Yes, you have to sit and endure for seventeen whole minutes, or no food for you at the wake. I put pictures of my parents, grandparents, husband, kids, grandkids (I am even in a couple), and included the family dog. This should be extremely heart-wrenching for my children and they had better cry; because they will be able to see that I gave them the best years of my life only to be reduced to a little under a pint of ashes in a pretty jar at the end.

I also made a DVD for my husband's funeral along the same line, and I cried when I watched it, so maybe others will appreciate the effort. His DVD has my choice of music too; the reason for this is he has no preference because he never listens to music EVER, and to the best of my knowledge hates all but Christmas carols. I don't think "Joy to the World" or the "Hallelujah Chorus" would be a fitting funeral song, so I had to pick what I thought would be appropriate and I really don't care what he thinks about it, he'll be dead and his opinion won't really matter.

I probably do not have much more time to think about this and had better get busy as time is running out; however, I am thinking as they are placing my ashes in the hole a rousing rendition of "Pomp & Circumstance" would be an exciting finish. After all, I will have "graduated" from one life to the next; yes, that would be very fitting.

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