Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Humor: Writing

I love to write even when I have nothing to say, I just start typing and when something coherent comes up on the page, I am happy. People who have read my stuff have commented that they thought I was insane. This has to be a plus; for example, Stephen King, there is no doubt he is insane and look at the money he rakes in.

I really have my doubts that I could write a whole book on my husband's underwear that would then be turned into a movie, but how will I know if I don't try. There are a vast number of subjects around my house that I could put in writing and I have experimented with some with success and others not so much. I like to share so I usually post an article or two on my Facebook page and now most of my friends don't talk to me anymore, but I think they are just jealous. My husband tells me that if I keep writing either the white-coats or the DEA will storm our driveway and take me away. I assure you, I am not on drugs, and I am quite normal; well, perhaps a bit eccentric, but I am almost 67 years old, I am entitled to be a bit eccentric.

My youngest son wants me to put my stories in a book and publish them, but Dave Barry already did that and he is much funnier than I am; although, not always. I am content to write on the various Internet sites, it gives me much needed practice with no pressure for deadlines, making my writing relaxing and enjoyable - besides, I have made $15.44 so far; my cup runneth over!

I have tried a little political humor, but I am just too opinionated and end up slamming whoever I disagree with - it turns out not funny and would put my family in danger with the powers that be, I am better off staying away from that arena. I should just stick with puppies or underwear, or dead people and when I am irritated, my husband.

When I run out of things to write, I go to my articles with plans to edit them, but end up laughing and saying, "That is pretty darn funny!" And then go off to look for another title to write under. I am probably not the only insane person writing on the Internet, others just hide it better than I do. Writers are a unique group, and we play Scrabble pretty good too!

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